Soft Pilates

Anti Sress

For Anti-Stress

In today’s hectic and demanding lifestyle it is of the utmost importance to get proper “down time”! With Soft Pilates a lot of the focus is on slow & controlled movement and deep breathing, which is a great way to relax the body and the mind.  Active and passive stretching helps lengthen short muscles, mobilise joints and ligaments and help release tension in muscle tissue as well as relax the brain for calmness and tranquility.  Learn the techniques for self treatment at home for a happier, healthier body.  Also suitable for combating or returning from burn-out syndrome.

For Recovery

Returning from injury, accident, illness or difficult birth can be a scary, even daunting, process.  By choosing for professional & experienced guidance you can be sure your health is in good hands.  The Pilates Apparatus are perfectly suited for strengthening all areas of your body whilst avoiding the damaged areas until they are ready. Back and neck pain from poor posture or unergonomic work situations can truly be helped with Professional Pilates : focusing on a holistic approach to total body health, results in a strong, centered and pain-free existence.


Voor beginners

For Beginners

Finding a way to get optimal fitness in a friendly, fun & safe environment is not always easy. Often classes are too fast or too rigorous for the novice which can lead to frustration or worse, injury! Working on a one-to-one basis assures you get the attention that you deserve and work at your own speed.  Safety first is always the motto at KaMotion, often suggesting some private classes before entering group classes… and group classes allow no more than 10 people so as to guarantee everybody get personal and knowledgable attention.