Road to recovery program

A video assist program especially designed for people recovering from Corona Long Haul or other illnesses to carefully return to good health in small, safe increments.

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Helps you on your way to recovery

Safe Movement Series

20+ personalised videos- easy & safe to use as you wish

Personal coaching

3 Live Motivation & Assessment Calls

Progress worksheet

Keep track of how well you are doing!


Meet Katja!

Katja is an experienced Pilates Therapist with a strong background in anatomy & physiology. Her studio in Gouda offers high quality private lessons as well as working as a  reintegration & rehabilitation coach.  Working with laughter & joy she brings fun into learning about your body, strengthening and empowering people of all ages.

The Road 2 Recovery program

Week #1

  • Free “Dreams & Desires” In-take Zoom/WA call with Katja to explore your wants & future
  • Welcome Email including 1st 5 mini-vids!: Stretching & Releasing
  • Questionary #1 to see how it's going, choose your own phase

Week 2

  • 2nd batch of 5 mini-vids!: More “Move the Bones!”
  • Questionnaire #2 to hear about your progress
  • Pick-a-time for your next Zoom/WA call with Katja

Week 3

  • Second Personal Call to guide and motivate you in your program
  • Third batch of 5 mini-vids to work with: Adding some Core Work
  • Questionnaire #3 To keep up the good work

Week 4

  • Fourth batch of 5 mini-vids!:  Adding a bit more Muscle Motion
  • Last Questionnaire How Are You Feeling?
  • Pick-a-time for your Last Zoom- Assessment Call

Week 5

  • Last Consultation of R2R Program I Let’s discuss the next step!
  • *Surprise Bonus Gift* for Doing Such a Great Job!

A video from our e-mail course

What's included

  • 20+ mini-vids straight in your mail
  • 3 personal Zoom calls with Katja
  • 4 Questionaries to see how you're doing!
  • Free surprise bonus gift at the end of the program

The First Steps to A Brighter & Better Future!

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