Power Pilates

For Athletes & Dancers

Joseph Pilates worked side by side with Modern Dance pioneer Martha Graham and it one of is the best known techniques to keep dancers strong, balanced and flexible. Having been a professional dancer, Katja Winzeler knows all about the special needs for this demanding career! It is imperative to keep supple and strong in weak areas to continue in this profession for as long as possible! Likewise, the professional athlete also needs a workout regime that is designed specifically for the needs of the sport, as well as the body that performs it. Katja’s expertise in anatomy & biomechanics means she knows what your body needs! Train your joints, ligaments and muscles to excel at your sport and prevent injury.

Sporters en dansers
Pilates voor mannen

Pilates For Men

Men, more than ever, can use Professional Pilates to improve their all-around health! Notoriously stiff, office jobs and high stress levels are just some of the reasons why Pilates at KaMotion can make you feel, look and perform better! The Pilates Apparatus are ideal for men who like to feel like they are actually working out and deliver results visibly and quickly! The male anatomy IS different and certainly has different needs and goals.

Superfit Pilates!

Sport & fitness are great and maybe you think you are in great shape… but what if you would like to be in the best shape you have ever been in? Then its time to “up level” your training to Superfit Pilates! Using the special resistance Pilates Apparatus increases the load and the challenge to your workout as well as targeting your core (powerhouse) muscles to “pilati-fy the exercises. This makes for a much more dynamic, intense and all-round workout to push you to an even greater level of health, strength and fitness!

Superfit pilates