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Jazzy Pilates

Remember doing Jazz when you were younger? Remember how fun it was and fantastic you felt? Re-experience those same sensations in our easily accessible Jazz Class. Perfect fitness for those who do not like the gym but rather like to swing!

We do a warming up, conditioning and strengthening exercises, isolations, spins and turns. At 21:00 we have Choreo Club for those who wish to participate in a fun little dance. A great way to stay toned and in shape! Music and styles vary from Funky Jazz, Motown, Old School, Musical and Latino. Monday evenings 20:00.

We offer a variety of dance workshops for parties and events here at Ka-Motion or a location of your choice.

Jazzy Pilates
Other Fun Stuff

Lindy Hop & dance Workshops

Lindy Hop is the true Afro-American form of partner dance developed in the ballrooms of Harlem New York of the late 1920’s and 30’s. The strong vernacular dance mixed with popular dance of the day such as the Charleston or Jitterbug create an amazing, fun and flirtatious dance. Lindy Hop, now popular world-wide, is making it’s breakthrough in Holland with schools and dancers in all corners- bringing together dancers of all ages, backgrounds and cultures!

Add fun and style to your event with Katja’s dance workshops! In our studio or at your location!!

Avec Plaisir

This original workshop has been developed by Katja for self-expression and sheer abandonment! To experience and share the joy of feminine movement is empowering!  In a safe and fun atmosphere Katja promotes a journey of self-discovery and self-confidence- through movement and dance. It promotes girl-bonding and self appreciation. Ideal for ladies groups or individual sessions.  Looking for something special instead of the tired old Hen night for your wedding? Or just re-inspire yourself?? You’ll be amazed!