Pilates for everyone

Soft Pilates

Whether new to Pilates, recovering from injury or birthing, or just wanting better health- Pilates is the perfect way to build up slowly to achieve strength, balance, posture and awareness. Slow and controlled movement is safe and adds the meditative element to calm the mind and experience the Joy of Movement!

Power Pilates

Every sport, every dance every goal has specific needs to strengthen and excell. At Ka-Motion every workout is tailor-made to fit your specifications to meet your personal needs! Need a new challenge? Or want to improve your precision & strength, gain more concentration, find better balance or just create a super fit body- KaMotion can help you achieve your goals!

Other Fun Stuff ...

Owner Katja Winzeler is a professional dancer, choreographer & director teaching workshops & master classes world wide.  From the Monday night Jazz class to private Lindy Hop classes to her inspirational ladies workshop Avec Plaisir she has the skill and experience to make any event fun, educational, enlightening and seriously fun!

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