About Ka Motion

A professional dancer, choreographer and fitness trainer with more than 30 years of teaching experience- I wanted to create a studio that could offer superb instruction of the highest quality with personal attention to every individual either in one-on-one sessions or very small group classes. I wanted to offer a safe place to discover and be yourself, to learn and be educated in how your body works optimally -with love and laughter and fun! My fascination with the mental and physical abilities to heal, re-align and strengthen itself is an amazing ongoing journey into helping people live pain-free lives, realising their dreams and achieving their strongest potential makes my job the best in the world! When people learn how to take themselves, their health and their future into their own hands it is truly transformational! 

About Pilates

Joseph Pilates is the founder/developer of the movement technique created for better health, posture, breathing, flexibility, control & strength. He worked closely with Modern Dancers such as Martha Graham to continually search for better and more ergonomic movement. He also played a large role in rehabilitation for the war casualties which lead to a universal method for healing physically & mentally. At KaMotion I have learned greatly from his teachings and have added my own experiences with dance, fitness, stretching, breathing and movement therapies for a varied approach for helping and teaching my clients. Pain alleviation, optimal functionality and superb health & fitness are my goals… and have a great time while you are doing it!

Joseph Pilates
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Values of Studio Ka Motion

Committment to excellence and building close bonds with students...


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Constantly learning, improving for the best service she can give .... putting your body, health & future  in safe & experienced hands!


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